SWL Primary Care Joint Committee Meeting – Thursday 12th November 2015

Name of Meeting: South West London Primary Care Joint Committee Meeting

Date & TimeThursday 12th November 2015, 17:00pm – 19:00pm

Venue: Big Hall, Drake House, 44 St Georges Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4ED

Contact Information:  Gurvinder.chana@swlondon.nhs.uk /020 3668 3464

 If you would like to put forward any questions to the committee please send them to Gurvinder K Chana ( Gurvinder.chana@swlondon.nhs.uk) before 5pm on Wednesday 11th November.

Five copies of the papers will be made available at the meeting on a first come, first serve basis.


Meeting Papers are attached below

Paper 1 – Meeting Agenda

Download (PDF, 242KB)

Declarations of Interest

Download (PDF, 97KB)

Paper 2 – Minutes from previous meeting 03.09.15

Download (PDF, 428KB)

Paper 3 – Action Log from 03.09.15 meeting

Download (PDF, 159KB)

Paper 4 – Cover Sheet TOR and MOU

Download (PDF, 278KB)

Paper 4 – Terms of Reference

Download (PDF, 428KB)

Paper 4 – Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Download (PDF, 611KB)

Paper 5 – Cover Sheet Tudor Drive Surgery

Download (PDF, 215KB)

Paper 5 – Tudor Drive Surgery Recommendation

Download (PDF, 538KB)

Paper 6 – Cover Sheet Wandle Valley Health

Download (PDF, 212KB)

Paper 6 – Wandle Valley Health Recommendation

Download (PDF, 607KB)

Paper 7 – Cover Sheet Operating Model

Download (PDF, 212KB)

Paper 7 – Co-commissioning Operating Model

Download (PDF, 1.36MB)

Paper 8 – Cover Sheet Personal Medical Services Review

Download (PDF, 218KB)

Paper 8 – Personal Medical Services Review

Download (PDF, 343KB)

Paper 9 – Cover Sheet update on Due Dilligence

Download (PDF, 227KB)

Paper 9 – Update on Due Dilligence Scope

Download (PDF, 186KB)

Paper 9 – Collaborative Commissioning Due Dilligence Proposal 

Download (PDF, 46KB)

Paper 10 – Planning for London Stocktake Visit

Download (PDF, 285KB)

Paper 11 – Cover Sheet Finance Report

Download (PDF, 214KB)

Paper 11 – Finance Report

Download (PDF, 349KB)

Paper 12 – Finance Report

Download (PDF, 444KB)

Paper 12 – Cover Sheet Finance and Contracting Working Group Minutes

Download (PDF, 226KB)

Paper 13 – Finance and Contracting Working Group Minutes

Download (PDF, 378KB)

Paper 13 – Cover Sheet Capital and Estates Forum

Download (PDF, 285KB)

Paper 14 – Cover Sheet QPI Working Group

Download (PDF, 295KB)

Paper 15 – Cover Sheet Contractual Action 

Download (PDF, 323KB)

Paper 15 – Contractual Action 

Download (PDF, 255KB)

Glossary of Terms

Download (PDF, 392KB)