Update on development of our STP

The NHS in south west London is working with local authorities on a long term plan for local services. All NHS regions across the country are required to do this. The five-year plan is called the ‘sustainability and transformation plan’ (STP). Our draft plan is still being finalised and we will share the final draft once it has been agreed.

In May, we wrote to over 1,000 local organisations across south west London, sharing our emerging thinking about the STP and asking for comments. Thus built on the ‘’Issues Paper’ published in 2015 and supported by large-scale events in each of our six local boroughs. We received a good deal of feedback from the May letter and the Issues Paper, and we will share a summary of this shortly, together with our response. All feedback has influenced the development of our STP.

We are today sharing an updated summary of our emerging thinking, which forms the basis of our initial draft STP. You can read the summary here.

We would welcome your thoughts on our emerging thinking. As our plan continues to develop, we will be holding further public events and online discussions so that you can help us develop a plan that works for everyone.

Please send any comments or queries to:

South West London Collaborative Commissioning

5th Floor, 120 The Broadway


SW19 1RH