A call for patient, public and carer representatives – Prostate Cancer Working Group

Prostate Cancer Working Group Representative

We are developing an innovative pathway for men with stable prostate cancer so that their care can be managed outside of hospital at their GP practice. This fits with the National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines (2014) which recommends care can be provided outside of hospital two years after treatment and for all men who are on a watchful waiting approach to their cancer.

We are looking for patient, public, service user and/or Carers to attend the working group for this pathway and help with:

  1. Developing the model of care that will be delivered in primary care ( by GPs and primary care nurses)
  2. Planning how the project will be implemented in all 6 boroughs/CCGs
  3. Planning the education that will be required to ensure that GPs and nurses have the knowledge to safely deliver the care
  4. Ensuring that there is a standard of care across all six boroughs through the use of shared tools and resources

How can you get involved?

The prostate working group is recruiting two patient representatives with knowledge and/or experience of using prostate cancer services within South West London who will be able to bring their expertise and experience into discussions.

Your role as a patient representative will be to ensure the voices and experience of patients/carers are heard, to improve quality of care for patients and carers across south west London.

Who can apply?

  • Anyone living within south west London who has experience/knowledge of using prostate cancer services in south west London; and
  • Volunteers who can commit to 6 hours a month (including attending the meeting and reading papers). Out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed); and
  • Volunteers who are passionate and committed to improving the quality of care for patients across south west London
  • Closing date for applications – Friday 7th April at 5pm

We are also asking for expressions of interest to join a focus group developing the PSA passport. More information can be found here

Information and application is below or call or email:

Clare Thomas on clare.thomas@swlondon.nhs.uk / 0203 458 5231 for more details 

Download (DOC, 65KB)

Download (DOC, 104KB)