NHS South West London CCG to become Mayor’s Academy Hub






NHS South West London CCG is helping those hardest hit by the pandemic get back into work.

The CCG will be working with the Mayor of London to deliver his Academies Programme, launching on Monday, January 31 2022.

The programme helps Londoners to access jobs and skills opportunities, to get the support they need to reskill as a first step towards a new career.

The Mayor’s Academies Programme is helping Londoners to gain the skills they need to enter good work in the health, digital, green, hospitality and creative industries.

Londoners who are unemployed, on a low income or have limited formal education may be eligible for free adult learning.

A new marketing campaign launching today will also raise awareness of London’s skills offer, encouraging Londoners to take advantage of the thousands of adult learning courses available in the capital.

To find out more, email the NHS South West London CCG Workforce Team at SWLWorkforce@swlondon.nhs.uk.