A public service announcement from the Wombles – don’t forget your flu jab

Famous Wimbledon Common residents, the Wombles are helping the local NHS spread the message about the flu vaccination this winter.

Living a solitary life on the common, Wombles aren’t susceptible to human flu, but know the importance of getting your flu jab, particularly if you have a health condition, you’re pregnant or, like Great Uncle Bulgaria, you’re over 65.

Based on a book by Elisabeth Beresford, the Wombles first aired on BBC TV in 1973. If you remember them from your childhood, it could mean that it’s time to book a free flu vaccine. Since 1 December, anyone aged 50+ is now eligible for a free jab from their local pharmacy or GP.

Each year the flu kills around 11,000 people and hospitalises thousands more. Flu is a highly infectious virus which spreads quickly, even between those not showing any symptoms. That is why the flu vaccine is still the best way to protect you, your loved ones and those around you.

To book your jab contact your GP or your local pharmacy today.

Thanks to The Wombles for creating this film for us.