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There’s also some handy COVID vacc bits in here too.

Winter Toolkit 21/22 - phase 2 - localised assets

COVID Vacc Assets

16-17yr old Assets

Download social media asset V1

Download social media asset V2

Download social media copy

Download Instagram Story here 

Download Twitter thread here

Matron Assets

Download Matron video V1

Download Matron video V2

Don’t miss your vacc 

Download Video 1920 x 1080

Download Video 1280 x 780 

Download Video 1024 x 576 

Download Walk in Assets

Download Vox Pop – Top, 31 – Travel & Confidence

Download Vox Pop – Rosa – ethnic minority – family

Download Vox Pop – Dr Debolina Zurkar – Biomedical scientist

Download Vox Pop – Cheryl – Was an anti-vaxxer, but has now had both jabs.

Download Vox Pop – Bogan – ethnic minority – travel

Download matron social media asset

Download family social media asset

Download family social media asset V2

Download beach social media asset

Download club social media asset

Breastfeeding/Pregnancy Videos

Download Pregnancy Video

Download Breastfeeding Video

Download Sophie Pregnant Vox Pop

Link to Pregnant Asset Tracker

Younger Cohorts

Download Niall animation V1 – grandfather

Download Niall animation V2 – fertility

Download Niall animation V3 – vacc experience

Download Vox Pop – Sam 19yrs old, second vaccination

Download Vox Pop – Ryan,

Download Vox Pop, Reece, 22

Download Vox Pop, Holly, 25

Download Vox Pop, Drew, 22

Download Vox Pop – Rene, 22 –

Download Vox Pop – Ophelia, 21 

Download Vox Pop – Joe, 22

Download Vox Pop – Jenny, 22

Download Vox Pop – Gabriel, 18

Download Vox Pop, David, 39

Download quote card V1

Download quote card V2

Download quote card V3

Download quote card V4

Download quote card V5

Download quote card V6

Download quote card V7

Download quote card V8

Download quote card V9

Andrew Brown Video

Download here

Tasha gets her vaccine

Download here

Let’s talk about the COVID-19 vaccine

Download here

Rose Manley

Download here

Back to Normal

Full 60s vaccine music YouTube video

Clubbing YouTube video

Dating YouTube video

Family YouTube video

Festival YouTube video

Keep London Safe Assets

Download A4 Poster here

Download A3 Poster here

Download Pull-up banner here

How to Register with a GP and book a Vaccine

Doctors of the World, in partnership with the British Red Cross, has produced motion graphic videos with key information on how to register with a GP and book a COVID-19 vaccine.

This is available in a variety of languages.

Please share widely so that everyone can access this important information in their own language. You can also find written translated advice here.


COVID Second Dose

Zero Tolerance


NHS 111 First

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Mental Health

Thrive London Toolkit

Every Mind Matters Toolkit

Zero Suicide London Toolkit

Talking Therapies Toolkit – See below in NHS Here For You Toolkit

Wear a Mask

NHS is Here For You

Your Covid Recovery

COVID Vaccination Asset Sweeps

Maternity Toolkit

Connecting your Care

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