Cancer Toolkit

The pandemic has seen a significant delay in people contacting their GP practices with signs and symptoms suggestive of cancer, and in responding to cancer screening invitations or appointments in south west London possibly due to patient concerns around attending and safety.

Everyone should also speak to their GP practice if they have symptoms and are concerned about attending in person, and also respond to their cancer screening invitation when received.

The below toolkit contains a variety of assets, as part of the communications mix. We would appreciate your support in sharing this far and wide.

If you need any further data or information, please get in touch with our team at or call 020 3458 5379

UPDATED- Bowel Cancer Screening

Do it For Yourself - Lung Cancer


Download social media copy here

Download newsletter copy here

Images & Videos

Social Media




MSD have launched a website hosting all the DIFY lung cancer campaign materials for use by any healthcare teams who wish to run future campaigns themselves (or bursts of existing ones).  You can  download print ready files for local printing of the pop-up banner and pharmacy bags. There are also files for digital screens and 6 sheet posters. All materials are freely available for use however there are some limits on maximum quantities for physical asset orders. 


Cancer Symptoms- Text, Image & Video Assets


Download cancer symptoms social media copy

Download cancer newsletter copy

Download text message copy

Images –

Please find generic south west London images below – for specific localised borough assets see your borough toolkit (links at the bottom of this page)

Social Media

Download generic cancer image 1

Download generic cancer image 2

Download generic cancer image 3


Download Lump Poster (Digital)

Download Lump Poster (Print Ready)

Download Pain Poster (Digital)

Download Pain Poster (Print Ready)

Download Symptoms Large Print Poster (Digital)

Download Symptoms Large Print Poster (Print Ready)

Download Symptoms Easy Read Poster (Digital)

Download Symptoms Easy Read Poster (Print Read)


Breast Cancer Awareness Video

(Dr Emma Kipps, RM Partners Clinical Director and Consultant Breast Oncologist, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, on how important it is to be breast cancer aware)

Understanding Breast Pain video

Dr Afsana Safa, a GP in Westminster, explains the causes of breast pain and why it is not considered to be a sign of more serious disease. She describes how breast pain feels and what steps people can take to help relieve their pain:


Help Us Help You - Lung Cancer - Text, Image & Video Assets

Prostate Cancer

Skin Cancer

General Screening - Text & Image Assets

Breast Screening - Text and Image Assets

For some localised borough specific assets see your borough ‘NHS is here for you’ toolkits and search under the ‘cancer’ tab: