Help us build a new NHS in south west London: Issues Paper

Published: 17 June, 2015

This paper is published for discussion by the whole of the NHS in south west London. It has the support of local commissioners, the trusts providing hospital, community and mental health services and NHS England. It is not part of a formal consultation process – it is published to set out the challenges facing the local NHS and our initial response to them, for further discussion with local people.

We have published our plan for local health services and we are discussing the next steps with local hospitals, mental health trusts, community services, GPs and other health professionals, local councils and local people. This paper is published to summarise our current thinking and test it with the people of south west London.

Should our discussions about the best way to make changes lead to proposals emerging for major service change at any of our local hospitals, we would of course carry out a formal public consultation on the options available. We are not at the stage yet of knowing whether this will be needed, but we would welcome your views and questions on this Issues Paper.

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