Initial Equalities Analysis December 2015

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Published: 21 December, 2015

An initial Equalities Analysis (EA) has been carried out as part of our early engagement programme to support the south west London Issues Paper. The Equalities Analysis is now complete and the high level findings have been written up into a report, which is attached, along with a supporting data pack.

The report –

  1. Identifies those protected characteristic groups who may have a disproportionate need for health services and;
  2. Explores the potential positive and negative impacts which may arise should there be any changes proposed to health services in relation to the challenges outlined in the issues paper.

The findings and recommendations from the Equalities Analysis will feed into the next phase of work and will be used to inform the next phase of our programme engagement.

Download (PDF, 3.22MB)

Download (PDF, 5.75MB)