Filling out the You & Type 2 Diabetes Distress Scale Questionnaire


Filling out the Diabetes Distress Scale questionnaire

A recommended process to be undertaken within the You & Type 2 pathway is the Diabetes Distress Scale questionnaire. This is a useful tool to measure someone’s ability to cope with or manage their condition.

In most cases, the Diabetes Distress Scale will be sent to the patient prior to their first appointment or be completed at their initial tests and checks appointment.

The Diabetes Distress Scale is a modified version of the original and contains four questions that are marked out of a scale from 1-6. This can be collected on paper and entered onto EMIS or a template can be used to collate results. Guidance is attached within the document on how to complete the questionnaire and how to calculate the results (total score divided by 4).

Each question’s score as well as the calculated result should be recorded in EMIS and coded using 38QW.

Any score that equals greater than 3.0 will require further discussion with the patient and may result in a referral to IAPT or escalation to the on-call GP.

In this video, the following topics are covered:

  • Completing the modified Diabetes Distress Scale Questionnaire, a recommended process within the You & Type 2 pathway
  • Recording results in EMIS
  • Managing clinical escalations (where necessary)

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