Flu 65s and Overs: Toolkit for CCGs and Partners – Richmond


With lower uptake of the flu jab among residents of south west London aged 65 and over, we’ve produced a toolkit to promote the importance of this age group getting vaccinated before much colder weather arrives.



Text Assets

Click the links below to download and use the toolkit assets.


Toolkit guidance

How each asset within this toolkit should be used.


Internal newsletter copy

The above internal newsletter copy is intended for generic use.


Internal newsletter copy

This internal news letter copy is tailored for use by voluntary organisations.


CRM/email copy

Simply cut and paste the images and text into a blank outlook email. If you are sharing via an intranet service, simply remove the sections highlighted in green (as they’re only appropriate for email format).

This copy can be shared with voluntary organisations and relevant stakeholders and can be amended to ensure that it’s relevant to the audiences within your boroughs.


Multi-media messaging

A selection of template social media posts for use alongside the aforementioned visuals.

Within the document, there is also suggested copy for text messages which can be sent out to patients directly via GP surgeries.


Press release

A localised press release including space for a quote, ideally from a leading Doctor or spokesperson within your borough.



Image Assets

You can download these assets by clicking the links below. Right click on the image that opens to download it and save the asset to your PC.


Email Banner

A way to reinforce flu messages, this can be added to any emails sent from the CCG or borough partners.


Facebook/Twitter GIFs

These are to be used on social media and shared with appropriate partners within the borough.





Static Images

These images represent a wide range of different ethnicities and interests and can be used flexibly across social media.