Generic pharmacy toolkit – 2019/20


As we move into the winter months some of our residents will suffer from some minor health concerns which may be resolved easily at a pharmacy. Local pharmacists are experts in medicines who can help with lots of minor illnesses, from skin rashes to earaches and flu. Many pharmacies are open late and offer private consultations, no appointment necessary.

This crib sheet outlines how to use each of the assets in order to maximise their effectiveness and reach. See an overview of each asset below:


  • Website storyPlease localise this to your borough to tell a compelling story that resonates with the community. This can be tweaked and uploaded as a good news story on your website.


  • PosterA3 poster with information about the expertise and services on offer by pharmacists.


  • Banner – Roll-up banner championing the expertise and services on offer by pharmacists, to be displayed during events.



  • FlyerA5 flyer featuring a list of widely unknown facts about pharmacists and their expertise, titled ‘Did you know’, alongside ‘myth-busting’ facts related to the flu vaccine (double-sided).


  • AnimationAn animation titled ‘Did you know’, illustrating widely unknown facts about pharmacists and their expertise that can be shared on social media and websites, displayed in reception areas and used during events.


  • Internal copyCopy is suitable for use within internal newsletters, digital platforms (i.e. intranets) and websites, in order to promote the efficacy of pharmacies among staff.




  • GIF To be shared digitally with followers and any appropriate partners within the borough. Please ensure that all accompanying messaging makes sense alongside the images that are provided.


  • Stock social media posts – A selection of stock posts that can be freely edited, for use across all social media channels (characters capped at 280 as per Twitter guidelines).