Patient & Public Engagement

Our approach to patient and public engagement

It is essential that the views and experiences of local people are at the heart of our plans, driving forward the changes needed to improve local services. We believe in on-going conversations and making sure that the needs of local people are central to what we do. Nobody knows more about how we can make things better than the people who use our services.

To ensure that this happens there are a number of ways that local people can get involved in our work. We have openly recruited patient and public representatives on our clinical work streams – and a Patient and Public Engagement Steering Group to oversee our work.

Between 2016 – 2018 we ran an extensive outreach programme – going in to local grassroots communities and speaking to people we don’t normally hear from. This work was delivered with local Healthwatch organisations. To complement our outreach work we also hold a number of events each year to enable any interested member of the public to share their views with us.

Sometimes we need to do specific pieces of work to shape local services – and we tailor our approach to the needs of each project. For example, we may run a focus group or hold one to one interviews with people affected by a particular condition or service.

Lastly, we work closely with all our colleagues within the health and care partnership to tap into their existing channels of engagement – through doing this we try to ensure our activities are coordinated across the patch.