Are you interested in improving diabetes services in primary care?

If so, please consider attending a workshop we are running on the 26th March from 12-3pm (lunch provided).

Who is the workshop aimed at?

It’s important that we have a mix of people in the room – including local people who have diabetes and their carers, as well as healthcare professionals such as GPs and diabetes nurses.

What will be discussed?

We want to find out what people think about how diabetes services are delivered in primary care, and how they could be improved. This will include discussions around how we can:

  • better identify people who have diabetes
  • improve the care that they receive – including ensuring they get the right tests at the right time to keep people healthy
  • work with people to design personal diabetes plans that helps them to manage their condition
  • help people to maintain healthy bloody pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels

If you have interest in any of these areas, please consider attending the workshop..

How can I sign up?

If you are interested in attending, you can find out more information, and book a place using the link below: