Patient and Public Engagement Steering Group (PPESG)

Aims of PPESG

The aim of the Patient & Public Engagement Steering Group is to ensure that there is effective lay involvement and patient and public engagement across the Health and Care Partnership.

PPESG membership consists of:

  • Patient & Public CCG Lay Representatives from the six south west London boroughs
  • Healthwatch Representatives from the six south west London boroughs
  • Voluntary Sector Representatives from the six south west London boroughs

The main purpose of PPESG is to:

  • Oversee public and patient engagement on the Health & Care Partnership, acting as a key strategic adviser to the Programme Board and the communications and engagement team on these matters.
  • Provide two-way communication between the programme and key community/public stakeholders ensuring all parties are kept up-to-date with key information/developments
  • Provide representative (Chair) to sit on relevant governance structures – Programme Board and Clinical Board
  • Advise on the targeted engagement activities to support wider engagement with a) diverse community groups and 2) engagement priorities of work streams.

Membership of PPESG

Sally Brearley (Chair) CCG Lay Rep Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group
Carol Varlaam (Vice-Chair) CCG Lay Rep Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group
Clare Gummett (Vice-Chair) CCG Lay Rep Merton Clinical Commissioning Group
Not in post CCG Lay Rep Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group
Jim Smyllie CCG Lay Rep Kingston CCG
Susan Smith CCG Lay Rep Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group
Jai Jayaraman CEO Healthwatch Croydon
Nana Apprey-Abraham Policy Officer Healthwatch Merton
Stephen Bitti Healthwatch Manager Healthwatch Kingston
Liz Meerbeau Board Member Healthwatch Kingston
Pete Flavell Healthwatch Manager Healthwatch Sutton
David Williams Chair Healthwatch Sutton
Kathy Sheldon Board Member Healthwatch Richmond
Sarah Cook Healthwatch Manager Healthwatch Wandsworth
Paul Macey  ABCD Project Co-ordinator Croydon CVS
Patricia Turner Manager Kingston CVA
Vacant   MVSC
Susanna Bennett CEO Sutton CVS
Bruno Meekings Community Involvement Coordinator  
Kathryn Williamson  Director Richmond CVS
Julie Bristow Representative Wandsworth Voluntary Sector
Charlotte Gawne Director of Communications SWL Health & Care Partnership
Karen Broughton Director of Strategy & Transformation SWL Health & Care Partnership
Jill Mulelly Head of Engagement SWL Health & Care Partnership
Clare Thomas Engagement Manager SWL Health & Care Partnership