Patient Representative Testimonies

Claire – Cancer Clinical Design Group

“My role in the Cancer Design Group as one of three patient representatives, is to bring the patient perspective to the group and the decisions made regarding the future of cancer care in south west London. Each of us bring different experiences to the group, and we work well as a team. The engagement team have always been very helpful. We are supported both in and outside of the meetings to come forward with our views, which are valued. We are provided with a range of training opportunities, and kept informed of other ways to get involved. I became involved with the group because though I have generally had a good experience of cancer care, other patients I have met would not describe their experience as good, so there is room for improvement and I believe getting involved is one way of influencing how care is provided.”

Della – Cancer Clinical Design Group

“I applied  for this role to ensure that the knowledge and decision-making processes of the Cancer Clinical Design Group is informed by the views, needs and experiences of local patients and the public. Since my diagnosis with breast cancer 7 years ago, I have come to realise the importance of listening to people’s experiences as it plays a crucial part in delivering the appropriate services.  “Nothing for us without us” is a quotation that in my opinion sums everything up. My involvement with various health care services and organisations have had an impact. I have been given opportunities to tell my story and realised that clinicians can learn from us. We can also be well informed in return and helped to shape the delivery of health care services, especially in the hard to reach groups. I try to be a voice for the voiceless…..”

Julia – Cancer Clinical Design Group

“I became involved in volunteering after my cancer treatment.  Being alongside NHS staff and with my fellow volunteers means we can all make sure that the patient voice is heard.  While I can’t be all patients,  I bring the real world impact and patient perspective into focus. The  NHS engagement team have supported me all the way. They believe in volunteers and that helps us do our job.”