Patient Partners Readers Panel

We want to make sure that our communications are clear, easy to understand and offer helpful information and advice. To ensure that they are, we recently set up a virtual readers panel.

We approached our existing patient partners to ask if they would be interested in testing our communication materials. We had nine existing patient partners from across south west London have volunteered to sit on the panel.

We agreed with our patient partners that they would receive no more than one project per month with no more than three documents to check.

In October 2018, we checked our “connecting your care” communication materials with the panel.

The aim of the materials were to inform people about a new system which will connect an individual’s health and care records in south west London across a number of NHS and social care providers.

We asked our readers panel to check:

  • How easy are the materials to read and whether they are easy to understand
  • How useful the information was
  • If they understood the benefits of Connecting your Care
  • Whether they had any questions that were not answered in the FAQs
  • If they understood how to opt-out

Each of the patient partner was given a template to complete with their comments. Seven out of nine patient partners responded.

As a result from the feedback, the connecting your care materials were tweaked and will launched in February 2019.