Wider Engagement – Outreach and Events

Not everyone wants to join a group or attend a public meeting – but is important that we hear from people who wouldn’t normally get involved. To do this we go to them through a grassroots outreach programme. This programme enables us to speak to people who may be experiencing health inequalities and whose voices could make a difference to how we address these challenges. We work with local Healthwatch organisations to offer small grants to local grassroots groups to run an activity that is enjoyable for their local community. A condition of the funding is that we are able to attend the activities and speak to people about their experiences of local services. The results have been incredibly positive enabling us to gather rich feedback from people we wouldn’t otherwise not hear from and the groups and attendees receive an enjoyable activity that helps them to socialise, meet new people and reduce social isolation. Activities have varied from pampering days for people with learning disabilities to tea parties for older people.