Health & Care Forums – 2017

In addition to the grassroots outreach work, in 2017, we commissioned OPM group to design, facilitate and report on six open access health and care forums, one in each of the six south west London Boroughs.

Participants were invited to attend events via:

  • emails to those who had attended previous events
  • engagement with local community and voluntary groups and local Healthwatch groups
  • advertising via local press, radio and social media.

Each event had capacity for up to 100 participants.

The six events were held in the evenings and lasted 3 hours (6-9pm). The format of the events encouraged an in-depth dialogue with participants about the key issues and questions raised in the draft Five Year Forward Plan. Participants had the opportunity to join two rounds of table discussions, with each round including at least 6 tables, each table focusing on one of 6 topics. Most events had 6 tables for each round of discussion, but for some rounds there were fewer tables (if no participants chose a particular topic), and for others there were two tables for the more popular topics (so that participants could focus on the topic of their choice).

Each event was independently run by OPM Group’s facilitation team, made up of one lead facilitator and table facilitators to manage the table discussions.

NHS representatives (including CCG Chief Officers and Chairs, hospital medical directors and chief executives and other NHS staff) attended the events, to set the scene, present the draft Five Year Forward Plan and answer questions from participants.

At each event, the local NHS representatives:

  • Provided background information on the Five Year Forward Plan, explaining what it is
  • Outlined the challenges facing healthcare in south west London
  • Described how the Five Year Forward Plan is proposing to address these challenges

OPM produced two combined reports of the feedback received in 2016/17 from the grassroots events and the health and care forums. You can read both reports here