You said we did and are doing….2016/17

It is essential that the views and experiences of local people are at the heart of our plans, driving forward the changes needed to improve local services. We believe in on-going conversations and making sure that the needs of local people are central to what we do. Nobody knows more about how we can make things better than the people who use our services.

We run extensive programmes of outreach – going in to local communities and speaking to people about their experiences. This approach is complemented by big piece events that members of the public can attend. The feedback contained in this report brings together what local people told us in 2016/17. It summarises the views of over 5000 people – drawing out the key themes that have informed our work. This report details what people have told us in the last year, and what we have done, or are doing as a result.

We’re very grateful to everyone who took the time to share their experiences with us. Your views have helped us to improve and refine our local services. We’d also like to thank our colleagues in Healthwatch organisations for helping todeliver our outreach programme – their contacts enabled us to reach people we would not normally hear from.

Download (PDF, 935KB)