Children & young people – reducing self harm

We recognise that across South West London (SWL) we have a high number of children who are self harming and believe that one of the key root causes is the lack of consistent wellbeing support and early intervention.

Our overarching strategy to reduce the number of children self harming in SWL is to deliver a whole system approach using health and local authority resources to provide support to: schools, parents and carers and children and young people.

Who is involved?

Since we kicked off this work in January 2018 we have sought to engage as many stakeholders as possible. In particular with have worked with children and young people both to agree our core root cause as well as to test a number of solutions. Involvement of children and young will be critical throughout the implementation period. We have accessed children and young people primarily through voluntary sector organisations and schools in each of the south west London boroughs.

The stakeholder group currently comprises schools, public health, the voluntary sector, local authorities and health (commissioners as well as providers) and some of the London-wide groups such as Thrive. We also have a smaller steering group where we have representatives from each of these groups and each of the boroughs whose purpose is to oversee the programme of work.

What have we done so far?

Following agreement across stakeholders of the root cause we wanted to focus on we have involved stakeholders to identify and agree our preferred solutions that can be implemented system wide. The long list has now been narrowed down, using agreed prioritisation criteria, to a short list which represents a whole system approach.

What are next steps?

We have tested our proposed strategies with the stakeholder group and also with children and young people, parents and carers and teachers, in order to prioritise them and now are developing our implementation plans for these.


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