Kingston Winter Comms – Flu 2019

With lower uptake of the flu vaccine among residents of South West London, we’ve produced a toolkit to promote the importance of people getting vaccinated before the cold weather arrives.

To ensure we’re reaching  those within our demographics, as well as their friends and relatives, we’ve designed a range of multi-media assets which educate the local residents, encourage behaviour change and think of those most vulnerable to flu.

This toolkit contains a variety of assets and suggestions of how we can maximise these as part of the communications mix.

If you need any further data or information, please get in touch with our team at or call 020 3458 5379.

Parents of 2-3 year olds - Text Assets

UPDATED - Parents of 2-3 year olds - Video & Image Assets

Over 65s - Text Assets

Over 65s - Image Assets

People with Long Term Conditions - Text Assets

UPDATED - People with Long Term Conditions - Image Assets

Myth Busting

NEW - 8 to 8 GP Access

Please see our Generic Pharmacy Toolkit for Winter 2019/20 here.