Navigating the You & Type 2 care and support planning appointment


Navigating the care and support planning appointment

Care and support planning is key to the You & Type 2 pathway. This appointment is traditionally longer than a standard annual review appointment and involves shared decision-making and wider discussions around your patient’s health and wellbeing.

The care and support planning appointment is conducted once the patient has completed the tests and checks appointment and received their results prior to attendance. Your patient may wish to share their personalised video with you or have with them their paper-based results-sharing document.

Bear in mind that some patients may not have reviewed their results in any format before the consultation begins.

To start, you will open a consultation screen in EMIS and then open the Care Planning Healum software by clicking on the left-hand side of your screen showing ‘View -> My Record’ (this may be minimised and require opening).
Select the Care Planning Healum option at the bottom under ‘External Views’ and it will open within EMIS.

The Healum software landing page will open, and you will start to conduct your care plan. On the left-hand side of the landing page, you can click on the “New Care Plan” tab.

The “Before you start” tab will provide information about your patient and if they have consented to the You & Type 2 app, as well as listing any care plans made previously. Click “next” to proceed.

The Conversation Summary screen has an empty free text field for you to populate with what has been discussed at the appointment before you generate a care plan. Click “next” once completed.

The Main Objectives & Goals screen is the main component and care planning support tool. The Health Objective field is a place to note your patient’s main health objective. This is a short, punchy and concise statement that will be used to populate a motivational video, which will be sent to the patient automatically the day after their care planning appointment.

A goal wizard has been created to help support discussion of goals and health objectives. This is based on the most common conversations that health care professionals tend to have with people with type 2 diabetes, such as those based around dietary intake, weight loss, exercise and medicines. Pre-populated goals can be selected, or customised ones can be created.

Goals are separated into categories. These can be found by clicking the arrow at the edge of the field that says, “Select a category”. Categories such as Diabetes Management and Lifestyle will be shown, as well as an option to create a custom goal. Once a category has been selected, pre-populated goals will be available to select in the drop-down menu to the right. Each category has a number of pre-populated goals, as well as the ability for you to free text any goal of your choice.

Once a goal has been selected, it can be edited further by clicking on the edit icon. The number of resources that are attached to any selected goal is also listed on the screen.

Next up, is Actions. If you have selected a pre-populated goal, then relevant and linked actions to that goal will also pre-populate. Again, if you wish to customise the action, you can.

Obstacles are able to be listed in the corresponding field and this is an entirely free text field.

Goal Importance and Goal Confidence can be selected by clicking on the corresponding number.

A follow-up date can be selected and used as a reminder tool for your patient, but all follow-up appointments will be made as usual in EMIS. Click “next”.

The Resources screen hosts all of the hundreds of resources available in the care planning software. If goals and actions have been pre-selected, then these are automatically linked to relevant resources. The left-hand side will list the pre-populated resources that have been automatically attributed to your selected goals and actions, created in the previous screen. On the right-hand side, a library of resources is available to select from, to add to the pre-generated list. You can search by category, type or free text when looking for additional resources. Each resource can be viewed in more detail by selecting the “eye” icon. This will provide you with a summary of the resource and a link that can be copied and pasted into your web browser to open the selected resource.

Anything selected in this section will appear in the patient’s You & Type 2 app under Resources From your Clinician, with the remainder being freely accessible in the resources library on the app. Click “review”.

The Review tab will show a summary of all goals, actions and resources selected throughout the care planning appointment. Click “Save”. You may wish to check that the plan has saved correctly.

If your patient has the You & Type 2 app downloaded, the care plan and resources will instantly be available to review and engage with.

If your patient does not have access to the app, a printable version is available by clicking the printer icon next to the created care plan. This will generate a downloadable PDF that can be printed or saved locally for use in other communications pathways (e.g. SMS).

In this video, the following topics are covered:

  • The purpose of the care and support planning appointment
  • Understanding different scenarios for patient access to results
  • Conducting the appointment and creating a care plan using EMIS and Healum
  • Using the goal wizard to support the development of objectives with patients
  • Options for sharing the care plan with the patient

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Please note that this information is designed for healthcare professionals. If you want to find out more about You & Type 2 please visit our homepage.