NHS is Here for You

NHS is Here for You during Lockdown

During the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a significant decrease in the number of people accessing NHS services when they need it and there is a growing concern about the short and long-term effects this will have on overall public health.

Now that we have entered a second lockdown, it is more important than ever to ensure the public are aware that the NHS is still open and to continue attending appointments as usual, unless told otherwise. This campaign is a reassurance message that the NHS is still here for people when they need it as we showcase the infection control measures in place to keep people safe when they do have to attend appointments.

To ensure we’re reaching those within our demographics, as well as their friends and relatives, we’ve designed a range of multi-media assets which educate the local residents, encourage behaviour change and seek help from the NHS when they need it over the coming weeks/months.

This toolkit contains a variety of assets and suggestions of how we can maximise these as part of the communications mix.

If you need any further data or information, please get in touch with our team at pressoffice@swlondon.nhs.uk or call 020 3458 5379.

Social Media Assets and Messaging

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NHS Keeping You Safe Film Links 

NHS Keeping You Safe Film Links 

Wandsworth – Subtitled - https://vimeo.com/454782715/02e5e6df17  

Wandsworth – No subs - https://vimeo.com/452574114/5f845b8396 

Merton – Subtitled - https://vimeo.com/454775242/4fe4c62f81 

Merton – No subs - https://vimeo.com/452672468/cef08d69d1 

Richmond Subtitled - https://vimeo.com/451450981/ce97aff6ee 

Richmond No subtitles - https://vimeo.com/449609831/8abd758388 

Kingston with subs: https://vimeo.com/443420700/69e7eacf16 

Kingston Without subs: https://vimeo.com/443345512/366eaaada3 

Croydon Subtitled - https://vimeo.com/456643745/b873180904 

Croydon No subs - https://vimeo.com/455274202/2cf795d020 

Sutton Subtitled – https://vimeo.com/460293728/41e878fff6  

Sutton No subs – https://vimeo.com/456979241/3d2aaa2a23 

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