Our Plan

The South West London Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)  a long term plan for local health services across south west London, was published in November 2016.

Since then and following a year of engaging with our stakeholders and local people, we have listened, taken into account that feedback and are currently refreshing our strategy for health and care in South West London.

On 30th November 2017 we published our draft refreshed strategy document: The South West London Health and Care Partnership: One year on (PDF document)  for discussion with local organisations and stakeholders. This discussion document reflects the feedback we have received over the last year, and we have strengthened our focus on partnership, prevention and keeping people well – the greatest influences on our health and well-being are factors such as education, employment, housing, healthy habits in our communities and social connections.

This is not a final document and we will continue to work together in partnership with the local NHS, local authorities, the voluntary sector and Healthwatch to develop “local health and care plans” in each area. These plans will provide clear and detailed actions to address the local challenges we have set out in the discussion document. The local plans will be published in autumn 2019.