The South West London STP (Nov 2016)

The whole of the NHS in south west London has been working together and with local councils to develop a ‘sustainability and transformation  plan’ (STP)  that will:

  • use our money and  staff differently to build services around the needs of patients
  • invest in more and better services in local communities
  • invest in our estates to bring them up to scratch
  • try to bring all services up to the standard of the best.

The draft plan – called our Five Year Forward Plan – was published in October 2016 for discussion. Read the full document and summary below. The appendices are also attached as a separate document below.

1. STP main document

Download (PDF, 1.99MB)

2. STP summary document

Download (PDF, 586KB)

3. STP appendices

Download (PDF, 4.98MB)

We have been talking to local people about these issues for several years. Last year, we published an ‘issues paper’ setting out all the challenges and invited people to respond; a large scale meeting took place in each borough and we received substantial feedback. We have written to over 1600 local organisations at every stage of the STP process, setting out our latest thinking. Over the next few months, we will be holding further events and giving local people a further opportunity to discuss and influence our plans.

4. South West London non elective bed audit

On 2nd December 2015 the South West London Clinical Advisory Group requested that a non-elective (emergency) bed audit take place across all the SWL acute trusts. A bed audit looks at why people are being admitted to hospital, how long they are staying there and the factors affecting their discharge. The purpose of the audit was to provide up-to-date, systematic and directly relevant evidence to move patient care out of hospital over the next 5 years.

Download (PDF, 209KB)

Download (PDF, 2.14MB)

Download (PDF, 1.51MB)