Brian Dickens

Brian Dickens, Practice Manager, Parchmore Medical Centre

I am not historically from a NHS background and I have only been in my role as Operations Manager of the Parchmore Group for 16 months, but I have to say that I am blown away by the dedication and commitment of all of the doctors, nurses, admin staff and receptionist’s. No one day is ever the same and that keeps you on your toes. We have over 14,500 patients and I enjoy the interaction with patients and being able to help wherever we can.  I know that all of our team love that feeling of going home at the end of a day knowing that you have been able to help make someone life or their circumstances better.

“As part of our plan to try and assist patients more, the practice , along with its Patient Participation Group, have instigated a social prescribing programme. This programme develops opportunities in our local community for our patients to participate in health activities, receive support for issues such as debt management, counselling, food banks and housing advice to name a few.  At just one of our over 50’s fitness sessions in a local church we have over 80 of our patients attending weekly.  I’ve seen how this has helped break down social isolation, develop friendships, improve health and well being and bring different cultures together with a common aim.

“I love the opportunity to just help patients and people in the area the best that I can, in and out of the practice. I would recommend this to everyone as it is so rewarding.

“Listening to the patients tell me how much their life has changed by the interventions and help we have given. Sometimes small things mean so much.”