Carmel Brady

Carmel Brady, Speech and Language Therapist, Joint Lead for Children’s Services, Your Healthcare CiC, Kingston

“I have worked in healthcare for 24 years. Twenty of these have been with the NHS, the other four have been across the health service in Ireland and the education sector in New Zealand.  I also spent a year in China, supporting the set-up of community health services for the elderly.

“I currently lead (with my colleague, Jane Chapman) the children’s speech and language therapy service in Kingston, through Your Healthcare CIC.  As a service we ensure that children and young people experience meaningful communication and safe swallowing to allow them to participate in their everyday life.  We also work very closely with parents, educators, and any other significant person in a child/young person’s life to provide them with the knowledge, skills and support they need to maximise communication, safe swallowing and community participation.

“Our service ensures that the right children are seen for the right reason, at the right time to ensure equity and good use of resource. We also play a major role in educational placement for children who need something extra and different to allow for the best possible learning experience and achievement for our local young population.

“What I like most about working in health and care in south west London is the commitment, enthusiasm and ‘can do’ attitude of everyone to make a difference in people’s lives, whilst being mindful of public money and how best and practical to deliver services.  Also, there is an energy and willingness to move with the times, especially in times of transformation and austerity.  I am also very excited to be part of a social enterprise, which is a new and exciting way to deliver for our community – I love it all!

“In a way being identified as a star, as part of the NHS 70 celebration is a very proud moment for me – I like to do things well without shouting about it or having glory but it is very moving to learn that my contribution to the world of speech and language therapy, and therefore children’s communication, is considered with importance locally.”