David Williams

David Williams, Chair and Volunteer, Healthwatch Sutton

“I retired early some seven years ago and I wanted and needed to do something.  Couple that with the wish to ‘give something back’, and I decided to join my GP practice’s Patient Participation Group.

“This led to the Patient Reference Group, and then to Healthwatch Sutton, where I am delighted to be a member, authorised volunteer, Trustee, Director and Chair!

“As Chair of Healthwatch Sutton, I am ‘connected’ to all the relevant health and care providers, and can thus continue to instill in them a greater need to put the patient first in all decisions, to ensure that we all have a better experience.

“What I like most about being involved in improving health services for patients, is the feeling of doing something genuinely worthwhile, after what was effectively a ‘selfish’ life, being totally involved with family and career. It is empowering, illuminating, and very satisfying – and something to get up for in the mornings!

“I believe that my proudest moment in what I do is ongoing, in continuing to see the ever-growing level of trust and respect that the dedicated Healthwatch Sutton team have engendered within the whole health and social care community. The team provide the music, I just twirl a baton!”