Dr Douglas Hing

Dr Douglas Hing, GP at Central Medical Centre in Morden and Clinical Director at Merton CCG

“I have worked for the NHS for 12 years. I am a GP at Central Medical Centre in Morden and I have worked for Merton CCG since 2012. I am a Merton CCG Clinical Director for the East Merton Model of Health and Wellbeing focusing on reducing health inequalities through collaborative and innovative working, such as social prescribing and the redevelopment of the Wilson Hospital in Mitcham into a Health and Wellbeing Campus that will be fit for the future.

“I have spent almost 20 years in south west London and one of the most important things for me is to have the opportunity to make a significant positive difference to the lives of our local population. I would recommend working in the NHS as my roles have helped me to meet some incredible colleagues – including other clinicians, managers and members of voluntary services and local council – all doing great things!

“I was recently thanked by a patient who went through a period of considerable difficulty due to their financial and social situation as well as issues with mental health. The knowledge and experience I gained from understanding the local systems have enabled me to be better at addressing the social determinants of health and supporting my patients.”