Hans Schrauder

Hans Schrauder, Expert Patient Programme Manager, Kingston CCG

“I have been working for the NHS providing the chronic diseases self-management course Expert Patients Programme (EPP) for the last 10 years, in addition to facilitating the course as a tutor for four years prior to that. The EPP is one of the most powerful and exciting interventions we can offer people.

The course gives people with chronic health conditions the skills, tools, self-confidence and support to better manage their conditions and enjoy a better quality life. It can be positively life transforming.

Working in the health and social care sector in South West London has been truly fulfilling and enjoyable. My colleagues are, without exception, kind and supportive.  We also find time to have some fun, especially around Christmas. It is very rewarding to work in a setting with friendly, supportive colleagues and the understanding that we are contributing to the health and wellbeing of our local population. If you are looking to do something meaningful with your life, working for the health and social care sector in South West London could just be the answer.

One of the most moving experiences in my work was meeting someone who, at the beginning of the EPP course we were holding, felt total despair about her condition and believed that she could no longer enjoy her one true love of gardening.  Weeping, she said that she was no longer able to do gardening anymore because of her health condition. After a mere two or three weeks of doing the course, she was back in the garden and a totally transformed person. Making an impact in someone’s’ life like that is the most rewarding experience one can have.”