Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine Murphy, Healthcare Assistant, Kingston

“I have worked in the NHS since 1998, beginning at Great Ormond Street Hospital, in partnership with Kingston Hospital, where I cared for children with long term tracheotomy disorders.  I then moved onto plastic surgery care at Charing Cross Hospital before moving back into cardiac care and the urology clinic in Kingston Hospital.  I then moved into GP practice where I have now worked for over fourteen years.

Improvements I have made for local people include when I worked alongside Dr Naz Jivani to set up and deliver a brand new therapy on the NHS called ‘Shock Wave Therapy’, which is a pain management therapy.

I enjoy the everyday challenges of healthcare and the diversity of the patients and staff.  I especially enjoy having the opportunity to work alongside some wonderful GPs who make getting through the hard days better.

I have had many proud and wonderful moments to remember while working for the NHS, but by far being nominated and recognised for my work, and to then be put forward to be a star as part of the NHS 70 year’s​ celebrations has to be my proudest moment.”