Sean Crilly

Sean Crilly, Commissioning Programme Lead, NHS Croydon CCG

“I have worked for Croydon CCG since 2017 as a Commissioning Programme Lead for musculoskeletal services (MSK services), covering orthopaedics, pain management, physiotherapy and rheumatology.

“I work with patients and healthcare organisations to monitor and improve care for musculoskeletal conditions, helping patients to get the right information or treatment promptly. We are determined to get our patients the right care. We have an MSK Working Group that assesses whether the care our residents receives is as good as we would like it to be. If it isn’t, we identify what we can do together to improve it.

“We’ve identified patients having to wait too long to receive a service or their health not improving from using a service. A survey in 2016 found Croydon patients were waiting several weeks for physiotherapy. This led to a pilot physiotherapy service that sees patients within an average of two weeks and which we are in the process of expanding to the entire population of Croydon.

“I felt a real sense of achievement to work through a cycle that led to an improved service for patients: working with patients to identify the problem, testing a solution that was found to work and then beginning to expand the service so that all Croydon patients could benefit. This is one of my proudest moments working for Croydon CCG and I look forward to reporting back next year to update how we got on!

“I’ve previously held similar roles in other CCGs, before which I worked for Kent County Council on domiciliary, residential and nursing care services. I’ve worked in the public sector for over 20 years and, although I sometimes feel there is more we can improve on, I am very proud of the NHS and feel very fortunate to live in a country that has such a service.”