Tanya Stacey

Tanya Stacey, Locality Manager, Wandsworth CCG

“I’ve worked for the NHS for 12 years since leaving university. I have been at Wandsworth CCG for five years and previously worked in psychology for the health service within prisons and schools.

“I work closely with our Member Practices in West Wandsworth to help improve the services we can offer to our local population, such as the recently introduced 8am-8pm primary care offer and the West Wandsworth Patient Advice Service.

“I have also led on the development of the Wandsworth Wellbeing Hub. The Hub is an online, telephone and face-to-face social prescribing tool which links Wandsworth patients with a variety of local voluntary and third sector services.

“Having grown up in Southwest London, I value the opportunity to work in my local area and make a change for the population. One of the reasons why I have stayed at the CCG for so long is because of the fantastic and supportive team. It is clear we are all working to the same goal –  to improve the experience of care and services for patients.

“A proud moment recently was the launch of the Roehampton health pop up shop. This was a one-stop-shop for local residents to come in and learn more about their health through mini health checks and supportive discussions around health behaviours. There was an opportunity to have their blood pressure and BMI taken and get tested for Atrial Fibrilation.

“Because of this shop, we identified some cases of high blood pressure and Atrial Fibrilation that otherwise might not have been found – we were then able to signpost these people to appropriate services, hopefully preventing longer term issues. Over 700 people visited the shop over two weeks which was more than we expected! This may now be rolled out across Wandle and Battersea too.”