Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson, Fire Safety Advisor at South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust

“I joined the Trust as the Fire Safety Advisor in March 2010. It’s amazing to think that I have been working for trust for over eight years now, as it only seems like yesterday when I joined. I remember my first day working at Springfield Hospital and how overwhelming the size of the site was. I got lost a few times within my first few months, but now know the estate like the back of my hand and it would be fair to say that in my current role, there are not many areas or buildings that I have not been into.

“I work alongside the Health and Safety team and together we ensure that the Trust is a safe environment for patients, staff, visitors and members of the general public. We do this by reducing, as far as is reasonably practicable, any risks associated with fire and health and safety. ‘Working with you to make South West London safer’.

“In my role as Fire Safety Advisor I get to meet all kinds of people from delivering fire safety training sessions to staff, giving input into new projects or site developments, and liaising with the fire brigade and external agencies to ensure that Trust sites are safe. The Trust is a very friendly place to work and everyone knows who I am. I would definitely recommend the Trust as a place to work or receive care. I am very proud to be part of the Trust and that has been reflected in my eight years of service so far.

“In 2011, after only being with the Trust for a short while, I was nominated for the Chairman’s Award at the Staff Quality Awards, for my work and improvements to fire safety within the Trust. I was nominated and short listed by my peers and got to attend a dinner and award ceremony. I shall never forget the cheer that echoed around the room, when they read my name out as the winner. It was an incredible evening, surrounded by friends and colleagues from within the organisation.”