Connecting your Care – Sharing information

What information will be shared?

The information shared will include:

  • Name, address and NHS number
  • Appointments and hospital attendances
  • Important clinical and social care history, including diagnoses, medicines and allergies
  • Test results, such as blood tests and x-rays/scans
  • If there is a social care assessment
  • The date of the assessment
  • Care worker or team details

What information will not be shared?

Certain information is classified as highly sensitive and is restricted by law, such as sexual health, assisted conception and adoption records and this information will not be shared.

Is my information safe?

Information about you is protected under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2016. This requires that health and social care professionals:

  • Can see information about you only so that they can provide you with the care that you need
  • Must keep your records secure
  • Have a duty of confidence

In addition, all organisations are governed by the General Data Protection Regulation 2016, which means they are responsible for your information and must keep it safe.

Information about you will not be shared with or sold to private companies.

Who will see the information about me?

Only the people directly involved in your care, at the time and place when you see them, or when they are preparing to see you or following up results, clinical letters or follow up care can see your information. This includes GPs and practice staff, and health and care professionals in all our other organisations – this includes hospitals, mental health, community and social care services in south west London. If you are transferred outside of south west London to any of our London-wide sharing partners for care, your information may also be available to health and care professional at these organisations. The list of organisations that are part of this sharing pathway can be found here.