Urgent Care Planning Application

Procurement of an Integrated, Dynamic Urgent Care Planning Application for London


The current way that clinicians can share End of Life and urgent care plans across organisations in London is to document this information on Coordinate My Care (CMC). CMC is contracted to deliver this service until 31st March 2022. It is a legal requirement to conduct a procurement exercise for a contract for a service from April 2022 onwards.


As the lead commissioner on behalf of all London CCGs, the NHS South West London CCG (SWL CCG) Governing body agreed on the 8th July 2021 to proceed to procurement.

The procurement will be managed by NHS Shared Business Services on behalf of the contracting authority, SWL CCG.


A Frequently Asked Questions document is available , to respond to queries relating to the procurement.


This page will be updated regularly with information relating to the status of the procurement and next steps.