Enhanced Health in Care Homes

COVID-19 VACCINE available for Care Home and Home Care Staff

We need to know which Care Home and Home Care staff in South West London would like to take up the offer of being vaccinated for COVID-19 so we can help make sure they are offered the vaccine.

Anybody that has direct resident or patient contact are eligible for the vaccine including auxiliary staff by sending the booking form to the email addresses below.

Attached below is a spreadsheet that you can fill in with all your available details. Once your booking form is received, your referral will be sent to the appropriate vaccination site located in your borough.



Please fill out the form and send to:

carehome.covidvaccine@swlondon.nhs.uk for Care Home staff.


homecare.covidvaccine@swlondon.nhs.uk for Dom Care staff.

Current Headlines

An updated London Care Home COVID-19 Vaccine information pack has been released. You can find the PDF here.


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