Early ID Toolkit

The EARLY ID toolkit has been created to support primary care to identify people who may be in the last year of life in order to offer personalised care and support discussions.

The toolkit uses SNOMED CT codes based on the Gold Standard Framework Proactive Identification Guidance (GSF PIG) and the Supportive and Palliative Care Indicators Tool (SPICT) and has been validated with over 50 GP Practices. Currently, the tool can be run in EMIS, Vision & SystmOne web GP IT systems.

Evaluation of the use of the toolkit shows:

  • Increased number of people identified as in the last year of life and included in palliative and supportive care registers
  • Increased number of patients having personalised care and support discussions
  • Increased number of CMC (Coordinate My Care) records created and viewed by urgent care services (LAS, A&E, 111)
  • Patients achieving their wishes and preferences at the end of life

Early ID Toolkit in South West London

Across South West London we are promoting the use of the EARLY ID toolkit to support practices to identify patients who may be in the last year of life and develop care plans in CMC for use by other health care professionals.

Analysis of activity up to September 2021 showed patients being identified for review that were previously not flagged for an advance care planning discussion.  50% of all patients identified were coded as suffering from frailty or dementia, 29% as cancer and 10% as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The End of Life Care Programme team are continuing to work with primary care in 2022 to support practices in their use of the EARLY ID Toolkit.  For further information please contact Becky Caicedo, Project Support Officer at becky.caicedo@swlondon.nhs.uk.

Download the Toolkit

The toolkit can be downloaded here EARLY ID Toolkit

Instructions for using the toolkit in Vision are available here

Instructions for using the tool in EMIS and SystmOne are available here

Supporting Resources (tap to expand)

Using the toolkit

Early ID Toolkit in SW London (1 page PDF)

Introduction to the Early ID Toolkit (6 minute video)

Recorded GP webinar: Early ID Toolkit (48 minute video)

The toolkit was developed by The London and North West End of Life Care Clinical Networks in collaboration with NHS England and Improvement (London Region).