My Maternity Journey

Every year, South West London sees 20,000 births which are supported by our four maternity units. As part of our five year health and care plan for people in South West London, we’ve committed to making our maternity services safer, more personalised and family friendly. We want services where every woman has access to information to enable her to make decisions about her care and where she and her baby are able to access support that is centred around their individual needs and circumstances.

To help us to achieve this, we have launched the ‘My maternity journey’ Choice and Personalisation project across South West London, which includes an updated booklet and an animation video. Our booklet is provided to all women with their booking appointment letter, helping them to make informed choices about the care they would like to receive throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

Complementing the booklet, we’ve also developed a ‘My Maternity Journey’ animation video. Through the use of simple audio and visuals, our animation explains the journey in South West London in bitesize chunks, which is helpful for members of the community with learning disabilities. We’ve also produced the animation in the top 5 most widely spoken languages in South West London.


Follow the links below to view our materials:



If you’d like further information about the ‘My Maternity Journey’ project, or wish to provide feedback on the videos or leaflet, please contact Donnarie Goldson,Head of Maternity, at NHS South West London Health and Care Partnership on or 020 8407 3976