Apprenticeship Week


What is National Apprenticeship Week?

The 13th annual National Apprenticeship Week date will take place from 3 to 9 February 2020. National Apprenticeship Week is an annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships across England and is a time to recognise and applaud apprenticeship success stories across the country. It is co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service and is designed to celebrate the positive impact apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

Department of Education launches its new Apprenticeship campaign 2020 – ‘Look Beyond’

The Department of Education launched its new apprenticeship campaign “Look Beyond”, which aims to look beyond the outdated stereotypes surrounding apprenticeships and to celebrate the diversity of opportunity and value that they bring to the country today.

The Education Funding and Skills Agency have created a comprehensive toolkit to help share and promote the apprenticeship campaign across your channels.

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