Patient view of care plan on the You & Type 2 App


Patient view of care plan on the You & Type 2 App

The You & Type 2 app is available to patients who have taken part in their annual care and support planning appointment. Once they have consented to the app during the tests and checks appointment and received the downloads link and log-in token, your patient will have successfully registered to start using the app.

The app will host the latest patient results undertaken in the information-gathering appointment, any care plans created at the care and support planning appointment, a library of resources and the ability to create new goals.

Goals created in the care and support planning appointment will appear in the app, and goal tracking is available to measure progress.

Resources populated in the care planning appointment are prominent in the app, and the library of resources can be filtered by type, videos, articles, recipes and places of interest.

In this video, the following topics are covered:

  • Understanding how patients access their care information on the You & Type 2 app
  • Other resources available to patients through the You & Type 2 app

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Please note that this information is designed for healthcare professionals. If you want to find out more about You & Type 2 please visit our homepage.