Pharmacy Toolkit 20/21

As we move into the winter months some of our residents will suffer from some minor health concerns which may be resolved easily at a pharmacy. Local pharmacists are experts in medicines who can help with lots of minor illnesses, from skin rashes to earaches and flu. Many pharmacies are open late and offer private consultations, no appointment necessary.

To ensure we’re reaching the those within our demographics, as well as their friends and relatives, we’ve designed a range of multi-media assets which educate the local residents, encourage behaviour change and think of those most vulnerable to flu.

This toolkit contains a variety of assets and suggestions of how we can maximise these as part of the communications mix.

If you need any further data or information, please get in touch with our team at or call 020 3458 5379.

Image Assets

Lockdown specific

  • Download Facebook static here
  • Download Twitter static here

Text Assets