Sutton Winter Toolkit 21/22

Winter 2021-22 is a new multi-strand campaign, encompassing the COVID-19 booster and flu vaccines as well as a Pharmacy campaign.

The aim for this year’s COVID-19 booster and flu vaccine campaign is to encourage key patient groups to take up the vaccinations and help prevent/reduce the risk of both virus’ and their complications.

Phase 1

The assets within this toolkit are for Phase 1 of the campaign, where we will be using the national assets to help ‘Announce’ the availability of the flu and COVID-19 booster vaccines.

Phase 2

Includes localised assets as part of our ‘Engage’ and ‘Prompt’ phases of the campaign.

50 - 64 Text assets

50 - 64 Image assets

Carers - Text assets

Carers - Image assets

Parents of 2-3 yr olds Text Assets

Parents of 2-3 yr olds Image Assets

At Risk Text Assets

At Risk Image Assets

Over 65s Text Assets

Over 65s Image Assets

Pregnant Text Assets

Pregnant Image Assets

People with a Learning Disability

Pharmacy Toolkit

Find the full pharmacy toolkit here

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