What is the You & Type 2 pathway and how does it work?


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General introduction to the pathway

You & Type 2 is designed to make it easier for people living with type 2 diabetes to get the most from health and social care systems.

The pathway is based on the Year of Care methodology of care and support planning. The focus of care and support planning is enhancing the conversation between the patient and health care provider. This is achieved by breaking down the conventional annual review process into three stages:

  1. Information-gathering appointment (also known as the tests and checks appointment). This is the stage at which all the necessary and relevant information about the patient is captured.
  2. Sharing of results – this is the stage at which results are shared with the patient, giving the patient the opportunity to review information ahead of the care and support planning appointment.
  3. Care and support planning – this is the stage at which the patient and health care professional meet to review how the patient is getting on, discuss their results, and co-create a plan based on goals and actions.

In the You & Type 2 pathway, this clinical pathway is combined with innovative digital technologies to support patients and healthcare professionals. This will make the whole care and support planning process more intuitive and efficient for everyone. This includes receiving results via personalised video messages and access to personal care plans and resources via an app.

The Healum Care Planning Software directly integrates into EMIS and can be opened up without having to use a separate browser window. Relevant patient information, including previous care and support plans, are shown and stored for easy access.

In this video, the following topics are covered:

  • Overview of the You & Type 2 pathway and the patient journey
  • Carrying out the information-gathering (tests and checks) appointment and recording results
  • Explaining the You & Type 2 app and obtaining patient consent for its use

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Please note that this information is designed for healthcare professionals. If you want to find out more about You & Type 2 please visit our homepage.